Slowly but surely
it seems to reveal it self.

It keeps coming closer to me.
It spreads everywhere.
But the moment of movement has already been away.

My work is a result of a process that exists between time and space. From that process, I show either a moment, or the whole thing. An important part of it is how I see my fascinations and how I experience them.

The moments I see are often natural phenomena that move between solid and liquid states. Like water, dust and light. Matter between time and space. Matter that can't be caught but moves all around us. It floats between us it passes us by. This is why it is hard for me as an artist to get a hold of. I don't necessarily want to catch it, but I want to show a moment from the ungraspable. Even if it is just a fraction of a second.

To control it completely is impossible. But that's okay. Sometimes, losing control is the most beautiful thing there is. I'm trying to show something, which passes us be even though it is visible.

What do and what don't we see?

And what are the limits?